Banned from Advertising on Google Indefinitely

Banned from Advertising on Google Indefinitely


Today, Huge Pussy Life, a brand that champions gender equality has been banned indefinitely from advertising on google. The reason: GENDER INEQUITY. 

Social media posts will be the only way to get this message out, so if you want to see the word and the perception of the word pussy changed, wear a #hoodie, #beanie or #tote bag with the new definition: orgasmic, otherworldly, flexible, resilient, life-giving humanity vessel. 

Even though we have a long way to go to become profitable as a self-funded female-owned business, I've decided to donate a portion of the proceeds to causes that empower women to have #uncensored voices like #penamerica and #unashamed bodies like #herfuturecoalition -- because I live in a country that may not allow me to advertise my products online, but it will allow me to die trying and that is what I'll do-- because in every corner of the world, female sexuality is shamed from brides being burned to clitorises being cut. 

So a Huge Pussy hoodie may seem like a novelty item, but it's not--- it's activism for a better world.